Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Matthew Landry Memorial at Quiznos in Eastpointe, Michigan

Editorial: Ray Gollis-Administrator
August 10, 2010 Tuesday

"Self Defense is a must in today's society" Ray Gollis

This case should have the death penalty. In fact the death penalty is not good enough. With cases like this, they should have an eye for the eye law. This criminals think this behavior is accepted and the criminal justice system gives these offenders all the rights of the constitution and the victim gets none. I read the Nancy Grace Book, "Objection". In the criminal justice system the jury sometimes never hears about the criminals past.

If the criminal was a carjacker the jury never hears about the criminals crimes. This is dead wrong. Any previous crime should be bought up in court. The defense attorneys also blame the rape victim for the crime because of what she is wearing , not based on the criminals past rape conviction, dead wrong.

If the criminal is a dope dealer. The defense will also try to convince the jury of the victim purchases drugs from the dope dealer and this somehow is suppose to rectify the dope dealer from killing their innocent victims. This is dead wrong.

What is your opinion on this subject. Feel Free To Comment on This Blog.

Ray Gollis

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Memorial marks 1 year since Matthew Landry's kidnapping

By Tammy Stables Battaglia
Free Press staff writer

Friends and family released silver and black balloons from the yard of an Eastpointe sub shop today to mark the

anniversary of Matthew Landry’s kidnapping from the restaurant a year ago.

“We are reminded of how a random act of violence can devastate a family, and change a family structure permanently,”

said Kim Wallace, a Marine City chaplain with the First Responders Chaplain Association, whose son is married to

Landry’s sister. He reminded the crowd of about 30 people gathered outside Quiznos Subs at 10 Mile at Gratiot

Avenue about the murders of Detroit Police officer Brian Huff in May and Taylor officer Matthew Edwards last month.

“These random acts of violence are not so random as we think.”

Landry’s immediate family -- his parents from Chesterfield Township and two sisters -- did not attend the service. But

they gave their blessing, telling family friends Robert Longo, 43, and his wife, Robin Longo, 44, of Clinton Township,

they wanted to reflect privately on the day their son disappeared.

“This is a pretty emotional day for them,” he said. “I wanted everybody to remember Matt. If we can save one person

from a senseless crime or get one gun off the street, then we’ve done something.”

Landry was reported missing on Aug. 9, 2009. His body was found five days later in a burned Detroit home.

Ihab Maslamani and Robert Taylor have been charged with first-degree murder and carjacking in Landry's death.

Maslamani is to stand trial Sept. 8, while Taylor is to stand trial Oct. 26, according to court records.

Staff writer Elisha Anderson contributed to this report.

Read more: Memorial marks 1 year since Matthew Landry's kidnapping | freep.com | Detroit Free Press


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Thomas said...

I agree completely with your editorial. Our justice system is really flawed. Criminals no this and capitalize on our seemingly "revolving door" process.

Ray said...

thanks for the comment, Thomas, yes are system is flawed. The should be new laws that should protect victims instead criminals. I subscribed to your email list. Looks like some interesting products, I like the cell phone idea!!!

Brandon said...

It's time for some swift justice.
We should not wait for that so called "random acts of violence" to happen to us. It's time for some decisive action to be done for the safety of our community to this criminals that uses our justice system like a playground.

Keith said...

You know what we have all the best law in our justice system but the question is how it is implemented. Criminals are too brave to be criminal because we are not too tight in implementing punishments or the authorities are not good enough to catch this people. And guess who the victims... innocent people are.

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