Monday, July 20, 2009

Bill Wallace at St Petersburg

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On a suffocating Monday nightfall in July, a handful of karate students gathered at Paul Acklin's karate dojo to rub shoulders with legendery Bill Wallace, "SuperFoot Wallace".

Bill Wallace is not as well known as Bruce Lee, But Bill Wallace Retired As A Undefeated Middle Weight Kick Boxing Champion. Bill Wallace can be seen in Chuck Norris Movie " The Force Of Once. Bill Wallace foot speed is timed at 60mph. Bill only uses his left foot and has the nickname "SuperFoot Wallace".

Here is the an episode of Texas Walker, Chuck Norris Tv Show with actual footage of Bill Wallace.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace may not be as popular as Bruce Lee. But most karate circles consider the 63-year-old Indianan is a superstar.

After injuring his knee during a judo match, the college wrestler took up Shorin-ryu karate while in serving in the airforce in Okinawa.

After sufferering what some would say as a career-ending injury. Elvis Presley flew a famous acupuncturist from Los Angeles, who treated the Bill Wallace at the Graceland manor.

"I thought I was finished, since I had a bad right knee" Wallace recalled. "That was my motivation to use my other leg"

Wallace practiced and practices at the time. "Most guys would handle throw 300 kicks," he uttered. "I would end up throwing 30,000."

This quick motion put chills in his opponents defenses. At a karate match, Wallace's devastating roundhouse kick was clocked at around 60 mph.

After a booming amateur career, Wallace became a pro. Wallace's Manager saw a vendor selling "super foot-long" hot dogs on the street, So this is what his manager called Wallace "SuperFoot".

Wallace walked around the karate school shaking hands and exchanging smiles with the fellow students. His mild-mannered made the karate students feel at ease talking with Bill Wallace.

Acklin, who founded his coach Superkicks based on Wallace's doctrine principles, first met Bill Wallace at at tender age of 8-years old.

" Acklin was surprised at Wallace Speed and said he was blown away," . "He threw kicks considering faster than boxer would throw punches.

The two had a relationship that has endured through decades. When Acklin eventually formed his school, Wallace, who has a bachelor's degree from Ball State University further his education with a master's degree in kinesiology from Memphis specify University.Wallace retired from the pro kickboxing in 1980 and had 23 consecutive fights.

Years later, be a bodyguard besides trainer to extra pastime icon, John Belushi. Bill Wallace would find John Belushi Dead of an unwitting drug overdose.
But despite Wallace's knowing of celebrities, Bill Wallace maintains a mild-mannered Midwestern charm.

Wallace's mood favoring the martial arts power equated: "Speed over power," he explained.

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