Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What are the concepts of Jeet Kune Do?

Jun Fan GungFu under Bruce Lee meant that these are the techniques and the attributes to which JeetKuneDo adheres To. JeetKuneDo concepts includes: the Centerline Theory,Interception Rather than Blocking and a series of guidlines that used various training equipment such as focus gloves, heavy bag, top and bottom bag to increase speed, timing, power and coordination. Dan Insanto Quotes," According to Lee, the efficiency of any style depends upon circumstances and the fighting range of distance: the soldier employs a hand grenade at 50 yards, but he chooses a dagger for close-quarters combat. A staff, to take another example, is the wrong weapon to take to a fight in a telephone booth; a knife would again be the most appropriate weapon." Always remember in JeetKuneDo you have to adapt to the situation and the environment which we fight. If we are in a crowd of people we might not be able to kick. So at the moment you have to switch the style of fighting to that situation. In JeetKuneDo you should be able to Adapt or Die which Bruce Lee Calls you have to Use No Way.

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