Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to Lose Weight Easy - 8 Tips on How to Lose Weight Easy By Manfred Schilling

You have decided to lose weight and you want to lose it fast and easy. In order to lose weight quick and effectively, your main goal should be to permanently improve your eating habits and increase your level of physical activity.

A few tips on how to lose weight easy:
# Eating is often driven not by hunger, but by time. We do not eat when we are hungry, but when it is time. Better listen to your body and eat only when hungry.

# Eat slowly. Most people eat much too fast. With breathtaking speed disappears a vast portion of the plate in the mouth. The consequences - in the truest sense of the word - are weighty. It takes a little time until the feeling of saturation occurs. Eating too fast often results in eating too much. Eat slowly, each bite thoroughly chewed and take short breaks within.

# Exercise is the best fat burner. There is no better answer to "How to lose weight easy?" than "Exercise". More muscles mean more fat burned. 30 minutes, 3 times a week, should be the minimum.

# Drink a lot. Drinking water makes you feel saturated. A glass of water before dinner will reduce your food uptake.

# Drink, but only the right things. Drink water, no juices, lemonade or alcohol. Alcohol contains nearly as much energy as fat. If you like to drink a little alcohol now and than and still want to keep losing weight, you need to eat less.

# Get enough sleep. Too little sleep makes thick. A lot of things are happening in your body while being asleep. These processes use up quite some energy. Get enough sleep at regular times.

# Fruits and vegetables. If you want to lose weight easy, you should consume enough fruit and vegetables. Most vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins, minerals and secondary plant materials, consist mostly of water and therefore have only a low energy content. With vegetables and fruit, you can lose weight even when eating until saturation.

# Only do your groceries when having a full stomach. A full stomach makes it a lot easier to stick to your diet plan.

How to lose weight easy, means, doing it slow. Slowly integrate these tips on how to lose weight easy into your daily life and lose weight without even noticing.

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