Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Who is Bruce Lee by Ray Gollis

Who is Bruce Lee? He broke the barriers of being the first martial artist to make it popular in the United States. His Nickname was "Little Dragon; but his birth name was Jun Fun, which he named after his martial art Jun Fun Gung Fu. He broke the door down so other after him follow him, Steven Seagul, Chuck Norris, Jet-Li, Chow Yun Fat, Mako, Dan Inosanto and many others.

Bruce Lee thought the martial arts were too confined, So he created a martial art which was no style. The martial art he created was called " Jeet Kune Do", The Way of the Intercepting Fist. Which in combat you can choose which environment you will be in. So he theorized that you have knowledge of all four ranges of combat.

What Ranges are These. Kicking, Punching-(Click Here!

), Trapping and Grappling. Dan Inosanto and Bruce Lee after studing thousand of martial arts. Took 27 styles and took the best of these styles and discarded the rest. Paul Vunak, A student of Dan Inosanto, Says," There is no art superior all the time, but you have to choose the right art at the moment. You can't kick all the time, you might have to go into wrestling or trapping, The same goes with wrestling, you can't wrestle all the time if faced by multiple opponents.

Efficiency is anything that scores. " Use no way as way" or " Have no limitation as limitation". This is what bruce lee says. When you limit yourself , you have trapped yourself with out even knowing it. So this is the greatest thing that jeet kune do teachs you, Do what works at the moment.