Monday, March 30, 2009

What is the straight Ray Gollis

What is a straight blast? A Straight Blast is a number of punches going down the centerline. Paul Vunak Has a Video that teaches the straight blast effectively. Will it work in most instances in a fight. Paul Vunak says Yes. But if it used in conjunction with causing pain first. What does this mean. If you do a straight blast just coming in. A wrestler can just do a double leg tackdown and the fight would be over. So you have to use a stop hit which is in Jeet Kune Do or an destruction which is from the fillipino martial art. Use a finger jab or a quick knee kick. Then proceed to do the straight blast, This is when it is the most effective. When Bruce Lee was serious about winning a street altercation he used the straight blast. It didn't matter what style the figher was. It always works if you use a intercepting hit or destruction in the fillipino martial arts first.

What is your opinion, I would like to know.

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