Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In Memory Of Larry Hartsell.

If anyone want to know the true essence of the marital arts, a great book a read is Entering Trapping to Grappling. Larry Hartsell is a pioneer in grappling arts, he will be sorrily missed. Bruce Lee taught him 33 Grappling Techniques which he took to another level. Here now is a grappling video, I seen on YouTube that I want to share with you. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of the post. Thanks.

Fast Food Ban in Los Angeles Sunday August 17, 2008 In the last couple of years we have had bans on sodas in schools and a ban on trans fats in New Yo

Fast Food Ban in Los Angeles
Sunday August 17, 2008
In the last couple of years we have had bans on sodas in schools and a ban on trans fats in New York City. Last month the city council of Los Angeles decided to prevent new fast food restaurants from opening in one of the poorer neighborhoods, South Los Angeles.

City council members believe this will help keep the number of fast food restaurants from overtaking the neighborhood and allow residents to have more healthy restaurant options. Critics say it is unfair to dictate what people can or cannot eat and some believe it is wrong to assume that people who live in poorer neighborhoods may be intellectually incapable of making good decisions about food and health.

Personally, I support the bans on sodas in schools in the US and trans fats in New York City, but this one makes me a little uneasy. While it wouldn't break my heart to see fast food restaurants banned everywhere, the idea of only choosing specific neighborhoods worries me a bit.

Tell me what you think.

Poll:Do you support the fast food ban in South Los Angeles?

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Dan Inosanto Introducing Larry Hartsell!

Dan Inosanto has passed away in 2007, Great Martial Artist and was a bodyguard for Mr. T. Dan Inosanto shows trapping techniques with a figure four lock. Enjoy the video.