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Trixies Coffee Shop is Going Out of Business!

Check Out Concert Footage From The Last Day!

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Tribute To Matthew Landry! Eastpointe Carjacking Victim!

Editorial: With all the violent crimes. One of the ones you have to be aware of is carjacking. Matthew Landry Lost his life over it. It seems like he was a well liked guy. Matthew was a victim of a carjacking at Quizznos Pizza Shop on 10/Gratiot and feel somewhat sorry for the victims family. Matthew was a musician and played guitar, keyboards and drums and was carjacked, beaten in back of Quizznos and found with a single gunshot wound to the head. His body has been identified my the Macomb Coroners Office. I have copied and pasted this article from Ezine Articles because I want to bring attention to Carjacking. If people are aware of there surroundings and I think it is best to go with other people to places nodays because there is safety in numbers. I think if Matthew had more people looking out for him and wasn't parked in the back of the Quizzonos, Matthew might still be alive. It saddens me that this young man life was taken. I am a musician just like Matthew and I study the martial arts. The biggest thing in the martial arts is detterence and staying safe. People thing you want to learn the martial arts to just kick ass. But I think it is the best way to protect yourself and keep your awareness level up. What is your opinion on this subject. Feel Free To Leave A Comment at the end of this post. I would surely appreciate it. Thanks, Ray Gollis

Oh, Heres the article, Read it, It is an excellent one, and Kudos to the author for writing it. Bryan Hough is President of, He is the author of this article.

Carjacking - How to Avoid Becoming a Victim
By Bryan Hough

Carjackers are some of the most violent criminals around today. Instead of stealing parked cars, these criminals are paid more money to steal yours while you are still in it. Even if you voluntarily give up your vehicle, the situation could turn ugly. Take a few precautions to keep yourself from being the next target.

Carjacking has something in common with other crimes in that criminals look for easy prey. Men and women are both victims of carjacking. Gender is not necessarily the issue, but instead it's all about body language. As long as the victim has a gun, they aren't even scared of male drivers.

Here are six precautions everyone should know and take to avoid being easy prey for carjackers.

1. Know Your Surroundings. This point can't be stressed enough. In this world today, you don't know who may be watching you. With carjackers, they are always looking for victims who aren't paying attention.

When you go to the mall, avoid parking next to vans with sliding doors or parking in parking decks. Keep your doors locked at all times when you are in the car. As you exit the car, do so quickly without fumbling for keys or talking on the cell phone.

2. Keep Your Arms Free. Carjackers look for people carrying many bags on their arms or talking on the cell phone. Both will distract you from seeing if someone is following you or waiting by your car.

When you approach your car have your keys in hand. Actually, place your key between your fingers with the end of the key pointing out. This is a defensive action that Might deter a criminal but don't count on it to be a sure bet. Walk tall and look all around as you approach your car.

3. Don't Be a Hero. If you are approached by one or more people and they ask for your keys, drop them on the ground and run away. A car is just property and not worth your life.

4. Stay in Well Lit Areas. Like all criminals, carjackers operate best in the dark or in isolated areas where no one is about. Avoid dimly lit streets at night. Stay in places where there is a crowd of people.

When walking back to your car, wait to continue any conversations until you are safely in the car. Talking to friends can create enough of a distraction for an attack to take place.

5. Keep Your Distance. Many carjackers attack at stop lights. Make sure you keep plenty of distance between you and the car in front of or behind you at traffic lights. If you are too close to the car in front of you, it will be hard to maneuver to get away.

Also, some carjackers use their car to block you in and then jump out and steal your car. Stay at least a car length away from another car.

6. Drive Away Right Away. When you get into your car, don't dawdle. Lock the door as soon as you get in and start the car. It helps to back into parking spaces so you can make a quick escape if needed. Backing out of a space slows you down and can give a carjacker time to approach you.

Carjackers don't discriminate. Anyone could be a victim. Use these above tips to avoid being their next victim. As always carry some type of non lethal weapon such as pepper spray.

Did you like this article? Bryan Hough is President of a leading company in the Self Defense industry providing state of the art Pepper Spray products and life saving safety tips and resources. Contact @ 317-254-1760.

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Bill Wallace at St Petersburg

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On a suffocating Monday nightfall in July, a handful of karate students gathered at Paul Acklin's karate dojo to rub shoulders with legendery Bill Wallace, "SuperFoot Wallace".

Bill Wallace is not as well known as Bruce Lee, But Bill Wallace Retired As A Undefeated Middle Weight Kick Boxing Champion. Bill Wallace can be seen in Chuck Norris Movie " The Force Of Once. Bill Wallace foot speed is timed at 60mph. Bill only uses his left foot and has the nickname "SuperFoot Wallace".

Here is the an episode of Texas Walker, Chuck Norris Tv Show with actual footage of Bill Wallace.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace may not be as popular as Bruce Lee. But most karate circles consider the 63-year-old Indianan is a superstar.

After injuring his knee during a judo match, the college wrestler took up Shorin-ryu karate while in serving in the airforce in Okinawa.

After sufferering what some would say as a career-ending injury. Elvis Presley flew a famous acupuncturist from Los Angeles, who treated the Bill Wallace at the Graceland manor.

"I thought I was finished, since I had a bad right knee" Wallace recalled. "That was my motivation to use my other leg"

Wallace practiced and practices at the time. "Most guys would handle throw 300 kicks," he uttered. "I would end up throwing 30,000."

This quick motion put chills in his opponents defenses. At a karate match, Wallace's devastating roundhouse kick was clocked at around 60 mph.

After a booming amateur career, Wallace became a pro. Wallace's Manager saw a vendor selling "super foot-long" hot dogs on the street, So this is what his manager called Wallace "SuperFoot".

Wallace walked around the karate school shaking hands and exchanging smiles with the fellow students. His mild-mannered made the karate students feel at ease talking with Bill Wallace.

Acklin, who founded his coach Superkicks based on Wallace's doctrine principles, first met Bill Wallace at at tender age of 8-years old.

" Acklin was surprised at Wallace Speed and said he was blown away," . "He threw kicks considering faster than boxer would throw punches.

The two had a relationship that has endured through decades. When Acklin eventually formed his school, Wallace, who has a bachelor's degree from Ball State University further his education with a master's degree in kinesiology from Memphis specify University.Wallace retired from the pro kickboxing in 1980 and had 23 consecutive fights.

Years later, be a bodyguard besides trainer to extra pastime icon, John Belushi. Bill Wallace would find John Belushi Dead of an unwitting drug overdose.
But despite Wallace's knowing of celebrities, Bill Wallace maintains a mild-mannered Midwestern charm.

Wallace's mood favoring the martial arts power equated: "Speed over power," he explained.

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What are the concepts of Jeet Kune Do?

Jun Fan GungFu under Bruce Lee meant that these are the techniques and the attributes to which JeetKuneDo adheres To. JeetKuneDo concepts includes: the Centerline Theory,Interception Rather than Blocking and a series of guidlines that used various training equipment such as focus gloves, heavy bag, top and bottom bag to increase speed, timing, power and coordination. Dan Insanto Quotes," According to Lee, the efficiency of any style depends upon circumstances and the fighting range of distance: the soldier employs a hand grenade at 50 yards, but he chooses a dagger for close-quarters combat. A staff, to take another example, is the wrong weapon to take to a fight in a telephone booth; a knife would again be the most appropriate weapon." Always remember in JeetKuneDo you have to adapt to the situation and the environment which we fight. If we are in a crowd of people we might not be able to kick. So at the moment you have to switch the style of fighting to that situation. In JeetKuneDo you should be able to Adapt or Die which Bruce Lee Calls you have to Use No Way.

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I haven't made a post in two months, How to Ruin a Healthy Breakfast

How to Ruin a Healthy Breakfast

By Shereen Jegtvig,

Updated April 28, 2009 Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by our Medical Review Board

See More About:
eating breakfast
sugary cereals
saturated fats
processed meats

An egg is a great way to add protein to your breakfast.
Photo © Pontus EdenbergSponsored Links
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The foods you choose for breakfast can provide you with the energy you need and lots of vitamins and minerals to help keep you healthy. Not all foods are good for you and choosing the wrong foods can turn a healthy breakfast into a high-calorie, nutrient-poor breakfast quickly. Here are some common ways that people ruin a healthy breakfast.

Making Breakfast Too Sugary
Next time you go to the grocery store, take a look at all of the pre-sweetened cereals. Basically, these sugary cereals are just boxed of candy with a few vitamins and minerals added in. The sugar problem isn't just in boxes of cereal -- many people associate breakfast with sweet pastries and things you pop into the toaster. Sugary, high glycemic breakfasts have been associated with poorer mental performance. And in one study, women who ate high glycemic breakfasts burned less fat than women who ate low glycemic breakfasts. Stay away from extra sugar:
Choose unsweetened, whole-grain breakfast cereals. Just add a little sprinkle of sugar on top, but no more than a teaspoon.

Instead of a pastry, pop a slice of whole-grain bread into the toaster and then top it with a 100% fruit spread. You still get the sweet flavor, but a lot less sugar.
Have a bowl of hot oatmeal with fresh berries and chopped walnuts. Not sweet enough? Add just a dab of real maple syrup or a teaspoon of brown sugar.
Not Enough Protein

Isn't it interesting how we associate certain foods with breakfast? Sugary cereals, pancakes and waffles smothered in syrup appeal to many people. These foods are high in sugar and starches, but low in protein. Protein keeps you feeling full longer so you won't feel so hungry in the middle in the morning. Make sure you get some good quality protein:

Have a piece of 100% whole-grain toast with peanut butter or almond butter and a glass of milk.

Eat an egg or two. Eggs help you feel full, and they are a great source of lutein that helps keep your eyes healthy.

Use protein powder in a fruit smoothie.

Eating Lots of Saturated Fat and Processed Meats
Bacon, sausage and ham are common meats you may eat at breakfast time. Bacon and sausage are high in unhealthy saturated fat, which increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, and all three are high in sodium. Processed meats also contain nitrites, which have been linked to colon cancer. Stay away from processed, high-fat meats:

Eggs are an great source of protein. Choose omega eggs, which contain omega-3 fatty acids. Have a poached egg served over 100% whole-grain toast.
Lower fat meats like chicken or turkey can be eaten at breakfast. You can buy turkey sausage and turkey ham, but they may still contain nitrites and large amounts of sodium.

Try salmon or tuna with a light mayonnaise on 100% whole-grain toast. Each is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Avoiding Whole Grains
Most of those sugary breakfast cereals and pastries are also low in fiber. Whole grains provide fiber, which can keep your cholesterol levels and keeps your digestive system healthy. Choose whole grains and high-fiber foods:
Eat 100% whole-grain, unsweetened hot or cold breakfast cereals.
Use 100% whole-grain bread instead of white bread for your toast.
Make low fat oat bran muffins.

Not Eating Any Fruit or Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are usually low in calories and rich in nutrients and phytochemicals. Experts recommend that we eat five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables every day (no, that bowl of fruit-flavored cereal doesn't count):
Make an omelet with mushrooms, peppers and onions.
Slice a grapefruit or orange in half and serve with a slice of 100% whole-grain toast with peanut butter.
Add berries, raisins, or bananas to your whole grain cereal.
Skipping Breakfast Altogether
Maybe you're in a rush or you think skipping breakfast is a good way to cut calories. But it really isn't. People who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight, probably because they eat too much later in the day. You can have a quick but healthy breakfast:

Keep ready-to-eat foods handy like hardboiled eggs, nuts, and fresh fruit.
Make a fruit smoothie for breakfast.
Make your own breakfast cereal bars with healthy whole-grain cereals.

Shereen has been the Guide to Nutrition since 2004.

During her practice as a nutritionist and as a chiropractic physician for 16 years, Shereen saw how eating healthy foods (or not-so-healthy foods) impacted her patients' well-being every day. She decided that she wanted to reach a larger audience so she left practice to become a health and nutrition writer as well as the nutrition guide for Shereen is a member of the American Dietetic Association.

Shereen has a master's degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and she was previously certified as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She also has a doctor of chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota.

From Shereen Jegtvig:
Thanks for stopping by Nutrition. There is a lot of nutrition information available with just the click of your mouse. Allow me to keep you updated with the best information on foods, dietary supplements and other nutrition issues.

Superfoods for Dummies
Shereen is co-author of this book that makes understanding and eating superfoods easy.

Editorial By Ray Gollis:

Pretty cool article by Shereen. I try to eat a nutritious breakfast when possible. I believe everybody should start out with whole grains. Either oatmeal, whole grain bread, granola or rye bread. That is good Shereen says to eat a poached egg. I would agree that this is better than eating fried egg. The problem I see is most people are eating saturated fats that include meats like: bacon, sausage and ham. These meats will lead to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. I try by best to stay to this diet. I try to eat a omelette that has alot of vegetables like a western omelette that includes: green peppers, onions and mushroooms. Hey, if you want to get rid of stubborn belly fat, and build muscle

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What is the straight Ray Gollis

What is a straight blast? A Straight Blast is a number of punches going down the centerline. Paul Vunak Has a Video that teaches the straight blast effectively. Will it work in most instances in a fight. Paul Vunak says Yes. But if it used in conjunction with causing pain first. What does this mean. If you do a straight blast just coming in. A wrestler can just do a double leg tackdown and the fight would be over. So you have to use a stop hit which is in Jeet Kune Do or an destruction which is from the fillipino martial art. Use a finger jab or a quick knee kick. Then proceed to do the straight blast, This is when it is the most effective. When Bruce Lee was serious about winning a street altercation he used the straight blast. It didn't matter what style the figher was. It always works if you use a intercepting hit or destruction in the fillipino martial arts first.

What is your opinion, I would like to know.

Thanks for reading this post.