Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Which Martial Art is the Best? by Ray Gollis

Which Martial Art is the Best? Well that can depend on a lot of variables. The greatest martial artist, Bruce Lee says,"Use No Way as Way." There is no style that is better than another. Efficiency is anything that scores. Of course that doesn't mean that there is no concepts or principals to abide by. It just means that you must pick and choose the right weapon or martial art for the circumstance. No art is superior all the time, You have to pick what martial art is right at the moment. Each martial art is practiced within a certain region of the country. It depends on the environment. Where you are at in the present. If you were to fight someone on a icy ground. I don't think Tae Kwon Do would be a good art to choose, because you would slip and injure yourself. A more practical Martial Art would be Monkey Kung Fu with its low stances and emphasis on ground fighting. Tae Kwon Do might be good if you have plenty of room to kick and have a level playing ground. There are many cultures out there. So open your mind and appreciate each culture for its beauty. Each Martial Art comes from a different country and has advantages and disadvantages. This modern practicioner appreciates tradition but has to seek new training methods and fighting styles to be able to adapt to any opponent at any range. To be a complete Martial Artist this is what you have to achieve.