Sunday, September 14, 2008

Surviving a Knife Attack?

What is your chances of surviving a knife attack? 3 out of 85 police officers in this scenario were able to defend themselves against a knife. The other 82 didn't have enough reaction time to survive. You have to have at least 6 feet between you and your opponent to survive such an attack. The police officers didn't have enough time to defend against this, so they were cut up pretty bad. The knife defenses that they teach in most martial arts schools is not taught in a realistic manner.The knife attacker will not thrust it out, but instead swing it at you. Check out this video and you might learn that a knife is a real deadly weapon. If you want to learn real knife fighting, study the Fillipino martial arts. This is the most realistic way of fighting against a knife. Watch this video and you will learn even with a gun the person is at a disadvantage. When you have a gun in a holster and the person already has a knife out, this means you have to have enough time to pull the gun out of the holster, aim and then fire. The knife is out and swinging at your body parts, what do you do?


Martial art school said...

Nice video,Awareness is a special technique to avoid a knife attack. I know that we have to learn techniques on this subject, however all are not proven. Only in a control environment.

Anonymous said...

Good Tips