Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to Prevent Diabetes

Some of the complications of diabetes can be just as life threating as diabetes itself. The complications include: heart attacks, strokes, blindness, deafness, amputations, kidney failure, foot syndrome and many other problems.

Some of the preventive methods to combat diabetes is learning to avoid food that will make your blood sugar rise.

The foods to avoid are basically anything is white. So the saying white is right is wrong. The white flour products include:white bread, any type of white pasta, bagels, rolls, white flour, white rice.

What should you eat you ask? Well that would have to be anything that has whole grains in it, oats, wheat, beans, seeds, nuts.

People think eating vegetarian pizza is health. Well it is not. If it has white flour and cheese. Guess what you are deluding yourself. Stay away from foods that have any white flour or breads that look like wheat bread but are not. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable.

You can go to CVS or Walgreens and buy a diabetes kit to know what your blood sugar level is. This is the best way to determine if you have diabetes or not.

If you have diabetes you might have to contact your doctor to see what can be done. Whether it is prescribing the individual insulin or changing their diet habits.

But remember eat sensible, don't overeat. Overeating is one of people's problems with this disease. The eat a whole box of donuts or 3 pounds of white rice.

The best way to prevent diabetes is don't overeat, stay away from white foods such as bread, pasta which I have mentioned earlier. Exercise for at least 1/2 hour a day.

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