Saturday, September 8, 2007

Who is better? by Ray Gollis

If you compare fighters. Who is better? Is it Steven Seagul, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa, Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis or Jet-Li. All this fighters had attributes that made that great fighters. But is this on the screen or real life. Bruce Lee was brought up in the streets of hong kong. He was a street fighter at first. Then a movie star. So did he actually have real life experience. Yes. Is this to say that Bruce Lee never step into a tournament make him any less of a fighter. No. Most great artist do not get into the ring. But they teach instead. This is where the would rather be than fighting in a tournament. Most Martial Artists who do not have any real life experiences do not have the experience sometimes it takes to fight in a realistic manner. Steven Seagul style is Aikido which is a very smooth martial art which using the person's force against themselves. Is this very effective Martial Art. Sure it is. High Kicking and Flashy Moves can get you killed in a street fight. Tony Jaa, the next Bruce Lee, In my opinion he is the best out there. He mixes caperora with Thai Boxing which is very impressive. Is this effective for the street. So who is better between all these fighters. I would have to say Each Person is an Individual, There is neither better nor worse. If there is fight between person A and person B, Then person C comes along and beats A and B. This goes to show you there can never a defined winner in this situation. Unless you do as the sports team do Play a best of some odd number say 13. To see who the real winner is.


ninja rant said...

I say Black Belt Jones.

Dude,....What? said...

Bruce was part of the most dangerous gangs in the world, the chinese gangs used knifes in shoes as defense.Anybody can shot a bloody pistol