Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Train the Attributes by Ray Gollis

Attributes what are they? These attributes are what make up a great fighter. Bruce Lee, His attributes were speed, timing, reflexes, killer instinct, power, coordination, line familization. Does that mean someone that isn't born with this attributes cannot learn them. Sure they can. They have to train them. Like Bruce Lee said "You have to train everypart of your body." Each movement has to become one within. It has to flow. When you teach a certain technique to someone it become static. One movement, Two Movement, So on and so forth. But when you fight. It is dynamic. This means it is always changing. Bong Sao turns into Lop Sao and one technique turns into another without even thinking. It becomes reflective. Speed is gained by fillipino stick fighting. Fighting against a stick whizzing at your head at 150mph increases your speed because a normal punch is clocked at 90mph. So your reflex become very fast when you train with weapons.
To Conclude, It takes more than just learning techniques. You have to learn on how to endure. Or like Bruce Lee says,"You have to learn on how to endure, Or hire a bodyguard and lead a less aggresive life."

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